Your requirements regarding availability and security are high, and you also require a perfect disaster recovery concept that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively? We have the solution for you:

Standby databases maintained by GCstandby

GCstandby is a complete solution for database mirroring, suited for use with Oracle Standard and Enterprise Edition databases.

The advantage of this solution: It enables you to create a high-availability (HA) environment with Oracle Standard Edition, which does not provide a high-availability solution in itself. And GCstandby offers even more: You also gain increased reliability plus a perfect disaster recovery concept.

Actually it’s very simple: An Oracle database is used as the production database, and another Oracle database is used as a standby database. GCstandby is implemented and mirrors your data to the standby database (time-delayed logical mirroring).

Our solution is available for the operating systems Linux, AIX and Windows.

How it works

  1. Initial copy
  2. Transfer of the changed data to the “time funnel” on the standby database
  3. Activation of the changes in accordance with the time delay settings
  4. Switchover to the standby database (in case of a failure)
  5. Rebuilt of the productive database

Ease of use and role-based access

GCstandby is operated via a web-based HTML5 interface with a clear design that presents all options at a glance.

The GCstandby user interface provides you with a clear overview and even enables you to select the switchover type. All along the way, the integrated switchover wizard supports you and executes all the required steps.

Controlled access, tailor-made to the role of the relevant employee, is provided by the integrated role concept. Access permissions can be fine-tuned to the corresponding authorization of the respective employees. In addition to reader, operator and admin roles, nearly 150 other options are available – a major improvement for your internal safety because GCstandby ensures that the appropriate functions are only available to authorized persons.

In addition to ease of use, the solution provides great value for each and every employee. Everybody benefits from quick access to correct, current data and the ability to continue working while downtimes are avoided.

No matter what: You’re covered!

Knowing that you are safe even in the event of a disaster also contributes to the reputation of your company or government agency. Your customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders will appreciate the high availability of business critical data that you are able to provide with GCstandby.

And, even more important: High availability and security are on top of the priority list of every company and government agency. GCstandby enables you to fulfill demanding availability, reliability and disaster recovery requirements, regardless of whether these are based on internal or external rules and regulations.

All in One Day

GCstandby has a lot to offer. What’s more: the implementation of GCstandby is executed quickly and cost-efficiently at the same time. In most cases it only takes a few hours – it’s just that fast!

The Best-Practice Solution

All in all, GCstandby can be referred to as the best-practice solution for high availability and disaster recovery for Oracle Standard Edition databases. All the benefits it offers, plus the super-fast implementation, justify this claim.

However, “best practice” means more to us than just a solution that is reliable. On top of outstanding technological value, a solution also must provide efficiency as well as time and cost benefits. Only if all these criteria are met we consider it to be a true best-practice solution that delivers all the features and benefits that we want to offer our customers.

The solution is also available for use with the Oracle Cloud (GCcloudstandby). If your company does not have a second datacenter or site, GCcloudstandby is the solution for you. It offers the same features as the GCstandby on-premises solution, plus compression and WAN bandwidth optimization for efficient data transfer to the Oracle Cloud.



+ High availability and resilience for Oracle databases
+ High availability and resilience for Oracle databases
+ Time-delayed logical mirroring and fast switchover to the standby database
+ Rapid system / data recovery (RTO) and continuous work with a correct data base (RPO)
+ Reduced risk of data loss and downtimes
+ Protection against hardware and logical errors
+ Distance independency between production and standby database
+ Optimized access to business-critical data helps to prevent reputational risks
+ Secure data transmission with SSL encryption
+ User-friendly, web-based HTML5 interface for easy use
+ Fast, cost-efficient implementation within a few hours in most cases
+ Affordable best-practice model for a perfect disaster recovery concept
+ Excellent cost-benefit ratio
+ Implementation, support and service by our proven Oracle experts
+ Cloudy ready for Oracle and other Cloud vendors
+ GCcloudstandby also offers WAN bandwidth optimization and compression features
+ Mirroring of one or more Oracle XE, SE, SE2, EE databases in a central web interface
+ Oracle Database versions: 11gR2 to 19c
+ All common operationg systems: Linux x86-64, Solaris x86-64 and SPARC, AIX (PPC) and Windows x86-64
+ Zero Loss configuration possible (depending on the environment)
+ Filesystem and ASM support incl. Oracle Managed Files (OMF)
+ Single Instance, RAC and Multitenant Support

High Availability, Rapid Restore and Disaster Recovery

In case of problems you can quickly switch over to the standby database and simply continue to work. After restore, your production database is rebuilt based on the mirrored data. The result: Your data will be available again within the shortest time possible.

Such a high level of availability is enabled by continuous data mirroring – an approach that ensures that your data is not only saved once a day or once a week. GCstandby ensures that you have access to correct data and a correct database at virtually any point in time.

Fast Switchover

Switching over to the standby database in case of an emergency is done quickly and easily with a simple mouse-click. You can also switch over to the standby database independent from an emergency in order to carry out a coordinated switchover between the two systems.

A scheduled switchover is possible anytime, e.g. if you want to take maximum advantage of maintenance windows or as a support during a move to a new site. Patching also can be done during operation: You’ll have plenty time to patch the production system while everybody simply continues to work on the standby database.

This shows how carefully GCstandby has been designed to offer you maximum efficiency and safety, and even more useful options on top of that.

Safe Time and Costs

GCstandby not only enables you to be back online rapidly by switching over to your standby database. It also allows for the shortest database recovery time.

The solution is implemented by us – we ensure that it will be deployed quickly, cost-effectively and in accordance with your budget. And we offer even more: If you’re not sure which solution offers the best value for money in your IT landscape, our experienced Oracle experts will create a long-term analysis that gives you ALL the information.

Our comprehensive analysis covers a wide variety of criteria, including ongoing support costs and licensing, another field of expertise that we specialize in. Our comparison covers many years and shows the costs to be expected in real numbers. You will exactly know what to expect over the next few years, as we provide all the specifics in order to enable you to make an informed decision.

The result: With us, you are on the safe side – also regarding the costs.

Secure Data Transmission

With GCstandby your data is always protected. This applies to data transmission as well, as your data are SSL encrypted during transfer. You can be assured that your data will be safe, even during transmission and transfer.

Including Consulting and Support by Experts

We provide more than a solution. We advise, analyze and create the ideal concept because we want to offer you the right solution and maximum cost efficiency. We are proven Oracle experts and support you and your solution. With us, you can be sure that your solution works best for you, both today and in the future.

High availability for your Oracle database – plus disaster recovery and rapid restore – is what you’re looking for? Talk to us today!

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